Lisbon City Council Challenge


Lisbon City Council intended to promote entrepreneurship hand in hand with innovation within the municipality of Lisbon. The goal was to develop a social network of innovation, while bringing together entrepreneurs in the municipality of Lisbon.

Several solutions were presented, and the award of 5,000 euros was handed over to 2 researchers from IST who CML found to be the best solvers.

This challenge was solved within 3 months only. The estimated time of resolution of this kind of problem without using InoCrowd platform was 2 years. Efficiency was here the real strength; with InoCrowd platform, Lisbon City Council got access to dozens of proposals, and could choose the best among a variety of very good solutions.

Statement: Dr. Graça Franco – President of the Commission of Economy and Innovation at Lisbon City Hall

Through the platform of InoCrowd’s it was possible for Lisbon City Council to launch its first open innovation challenge. InoCrowd platform made it possible that, the minute the challenge was launched, it was greeted with enthusiasm by a wide and diverse network of researchers with innovative ideas and solutions. This is not only a great way to find solutions to problems, but also, in the case of a Municipality, a magnificent means to engage every citizen in the governance its own town, facing new challenges every day.