Challenge of humanitarian innovation – Caritas

To support the unemployed senior population in Portugal, Cáritas Portuguesa released a challenge in InoCrowd platform, named “networking skills”. The goal was to find someone who would develop a social network that would facilitate information sharing and communication between companies and the jobless person aged more than 45 years old. The challenge of Cáritas was won by a group of researchers from University of Porto, led by Professor Marco Montalto.
With the award of 5,000 euros, delivered by Cáritas, this platform could offer several fundamental features: facilitate navigation and creativity, simplify management and have eye-catching graphics, in order to facilitate access to information.

Statement: Prof. Eugene Fonseca – President of Cáritas Portuguesa

In an innovative, simple, practical and fast way, InoCrowd platform was able to identify a group of researchers, who have found a technological solution for unemployed elderly people; it seems to us a great way of bringing together employers and people aged more than 45 years old who are looking for a job.
It is expected that this new service will be successful in Portugal and, subsequently, there is a strong possibility of a “Cáritas Networking Skills”, a 100% Portuguese, to expand at international level.