Celtejo Black Liquor Environmental Challenge

Celtejo Company belongs to Altri Group. Altri is an European benchmark producer in the pulp sector, one of the most efficient producers in Europe of bleached eucalyptus pulp.

The challenge was to identify new possibilities of utilization for so called Black Liquor or Black Leach, other than energy production.

Black Liquor is a solution based on calcium carbonate, used in the cooking of the wood for cellulose extraction, composed of sodium hydroxide, and organic material, in addition to lead, sulphur, calcium hypochlorite, sodium sulfide, anthraquinone and other substances used in the manufacture of paper, and is a highly toxic product.

Celtejo had a excessive production of Black Liquor resulting from the cooking of the wood with white liquor, and wanted to identify other applications apart from those that were currently used: cogeneration of energy and chemical recovery.
The process of energy production via cogeneration consists in the production of steam by burning black liquor (lignin), which makes a energy turbine move. The paper pulp plants reuse this vegetable compound and recycle most of the chemicals used in its production process.

As a result of the challenge, 7 new solutions were found for the economic usage of black liquor, within just 30 days, thus contributing significantly to the environmental sustainability of the planet. The solutions of InoCrowd’s partnerships are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Statement: Eng. Carlos Coelho – Mill Manager

InoCrowd platform is an efficient and very low cost way to find innovative solutions all around the world. Our goal was to find partners that would use black liquor in their production or processes or that could replace some compound with black liquor, and also find reliable partners to use this process.