A Seeker (seeks a solution) may be a public or private organisation –  regardless if it is for-profit or non-profit, and  whether it is a big, medium or small company – that has the ambition to innovate and seeks challenging solutions, for which an outsider’s perspective might prove invaluable. More Infomation>>


A Solver (provides solutions) is any person, an expert in a particular area or domain, who is willing to meet real-life challenges presented by enterprises (i.e. the Seekers), and helps them by providing innovative solutions. If the proposed solution is selected by the Seeker, a pre-settled prize will be paid to the Solver.  More Information>>


Challengers are innovative creators, inventors, experts who have come up with a project, or an invention and search for a partnership, or for an investor, or a company interested in producing or marketing the innovative product or creation. By placing their novel product or project in InoCrowd platform, he reaches a vast number of organisations and potential investors in the new idea. More Information>>