InoCrowd - Find your Solution

Open innovation partnerships of InoCrowd’s include the most prestigious American and European universities, all Portuguese universities and also renowned agencies like NASA. To give some examples, we have partnerships with Peking University, Weizmann University of Israel, ESA – European Space Agency, and M.I.T. – USA. To find a comprehensive list, please visit our Partners page.

We got innovative solutions with a success rate higher than 95%, within 30 to 60 days; We reach over 450 million potential national and international solvers thanks to our worldwide partnership with LinkedIn.

What do we do?

InoCrowd specializes in providing services to generate ideas and solve problems, based on its own interactive open innovation technological platform, which reaches a network of experts from around the world, to accelerate and enhance innovation in companies investing in research and development (R&D).

In addition to the partner network, which is its huge asset, InoCrowd platform has a set of features that sets it apart from other Open Innovation solutions.

There are three main types of users interplaying within the platform






A Seeker (seeks a solution) can be a public or private organisation –  regardless if it is for-profit or non-profit, and  whether it is a big, medium or small company – that has the ambition to innovate and seeks challenging solutions, for which an outsider’s perspective might prove invaluable. More Infomation>>


A Solver (provides solutions) is any person, an expert in a particular area or domain, who is willing to meet real-life challenges presented by enterprises (i.e. the Seekers), and helps them by providing innovative solutions. If the proposed solution is selected by the Seeker, a pre-settled prize will be paid to the Solver.  More Information>>


Challengers are innovative creators, inventors, experts who have come up with a project, or an invention and search for a partnership, or for an investor, or a company interested in producing or marketing the innovative product or creation. By placing their novel product or project in InoCrowd platform, he reaches a vast number of organisations and potential investors in the new idea.