What is a Solver?

A Solver (solution provider) is a person or group of people with knowledge in a particular area, who offers to apply their knowledge and expertise to a project, through InoCrowd platform, when the company or organisation (who seeks the solution) cannot solve it by itself, or does not have the necessary skills within its staff. If the proposed solution is selected by the Seeker, a pre-settled prize will be paid to the Solver. Intellectual property (IP) of selected solutions, when applicable, is transferred to the Seeker.

I’m a Solver. Why InoCrowd?

The ideas you’ve never had the opportunity to show to the world, can now pass from theory to practice, and you have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and research into the design and development of innovative projects in your area.

Exercise your brain

The challenges in InoCrowd platform are real problems that require knowledge, critical thinking, research and creativity. To develop a solution is extremely rewarding and can have a significant impact on the lives of many people.

Upgrade your career

Participating in challenges in InoCrowd platform increases your international visibility and personal recognition as a problem solver, given the large number of national and international renown Seekers who resort to our company. Solve an InoCrowd Challenge is a striking achievement – many solutions presented for our challenges have stumped the internal departments of R&D of multi-billion dollar companies. If you list your award on your resume, or join the exclusive group of Solvers winners on LinkedIn, it will certainly attract the attention of the market and give rise to professional conversations.

Be rewarded for your work

InoCrowd has delivered thousands of euros in prizes to bright Solvers from all parts of the world.
To reuse ideas that seem obvious to the Solvers, may effectively help the Seekers and bring them important financial gains. There’s always someone willing to pay for the chance to have ideas.
For universities and research and development departments, this is a great opportunity to increase funding and research on ideas with potential, and this is a source of motivation for any problem solver.

Our Solvers belong to one of the following categories:

  • Scientists and researchers specialized in highly recognised Universities or R&D teams from all over the world, who wish to present solutions as part of their in-house work or on behalf of the University/institution for which they work.
  • People with experience in one or more areas, usually acquired through years of practise in the public or private sector, who wish to submit solutions individualy, rather than submit them on behalf of an organization/institution.

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