Sonae Indústria Challenge

Sonae Indústria is an industrial company in the industry of wood-based materials and operates in nine countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland and South Africa.

This challenge was quite interesting: what about if the furniture in your home or Office would exhale a very pleasant aroma, making air fresheners or other products useless? This was the motto of the partnership established between Sonae Indústria and InoCrowd.

The challenge consisted in developing a technological solution that could be used in the wood or melamine film-coated panels, materials used in furniture and interior decoration to give them their colors, patterns, textures and thicknesses.

The award-winning solution was the one from the team led by Prof. Aida Moreira da Silva, Researcher of Chemistry and Molecular Physics at Escola Superior Agrária of Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra.

Statement: Eng. Adelaide Adams, Director of Innovation at Sonae Indústria

This a partnership of which we are proud. Sonae Indústria always works aiming at companies best interest, in general, and innovation, in particular, and, to this end, we are happy to work with a company such as InoCrowd. We believe that open innovation is the best way for companies to stand out and survive in today’s market.