Our community's size and its engagement with InoCrowd are our measures for success. Prestigious American and European universities, every Portuguese university and world-renowned agencies trust us. Our community covers every corner of the world and it has been helping seekers find innovative solutions with a success rate higher than 95%, within 30 to 60 days. We have more than 600.000 solvers in our platform.
Map of Universities and Research Centres around the world
Secteurs d’activité

The Energy sector requires quick and trustworthy actions. This is why our platform came in handy for so many Universities and Institutes in Portugal.

Technology, Media and Telecomunications

The Technology, Media and Communications sectors are very populated. They rely on innovative solutions to keep their businesses ahead of the competition.

Food and distribution

The Food and Distribution businesses run big-scale operations. This makes them ripe for new perspectives and solutions.


The Health sector depends on brilliant ideas to solve intricate problems. InoCrowd is a partner of choice for innovation in most Portuguese Health institutions.

Public Sector & Tourism

The Public and Tourism sectors know that cities are in constant change. We provide them with fast and trustworthy solutions to adjust to new realities.

Transports & Industry

The Transports and Industry sectors provide dependable answers to tangled conundrums. Our profusion of innovative ideas has proved useful to them.